Friday, August 24, 2007

Why this blog?

Lets keep it short. Today, i scrolled through misual.com and found this. So, i tried to claim my old blog; i used to be a member of blogger.com. Like Lal, i have many emails and passwords which i can't keep track of it; i never use a password-software. My steps to claim was fruitless.

I'm sure it was around 2003-04 but i wouldn't argue as who was first. I just want to state that i am amongst them. I was one of the moderator at izawl.com and i used to have blog during those times. Yes, its from izawl.com that i met Ben, a great guy who used to sent me Linux stuffs and didn't expect his misual.com will become this big or say popular when he showed it to me in the developing stage. I think izawl.com members could recall the good old days of community forum. My Gmail account, i got it from one of the members. Unlike Lal, my memory is better than his :-). I met Lal from the good old #aizawlchat (DalNet) days. I used to admire him of his scritping skills.

Finally, there are many bloggers now and its a good way to advertise, express, in-touch etc. Hence, this new blog comes to live with a name that i wouldn't forget again (unless i suffer brain damaged).